The Burnout

With Olympic aspirations now a reality for our Karate athletes, it will be easier for our students to find some motivation. When a goal becomes clear and tangible, the motivation to achieve and perform grows. But what happens when the fire is over-fuelled…

Many young and promising athletes end up quitting the sport they seemed destined to compete in due to the athlete’s arch-nemesis, ‘Burnout’. Burnout refers to an implosion of sorts, both mental and physical where the individual has been pushed far beyond their limits and the body has essentially gone into damage control mode by completely rejecting the cause of the dis-ease. In this case, the sport itself.

Let’s first understand the causes of burnout, specifically for children. It is usually recommended that children play an array of sports to develop all facets of fitness and coordination. But if any of these signs are noticed, they may be heading into troubled waters.

1. The pressure is too high – Some children are more resilient than others, some bottle emotions up, some develop anxiety. It is important to understand that competition is a high pressure event. Competitive pressure is often regarded as a good tool to harness energy and keep an athlete focused and humble. However, an unhealthy, ongoing pressure from coaches, parents, or the athlete themselves can cause more harm than good. The pressure to do well, the pressure to win, unnecessary pressure turns the activity into something too serious to be enjoyed. The athlete no longer sees the event as an opportunity to better themselves, but as another way of letting someone or themselves down. Once the athlete loses desire for the sport, the motivation will recede and they will be more than ready to hang up their belt.

2. No time to rest! – Physical recovery is paramount for longevity in any sport! If the body and the mind don’t take some time off to recharge, reboot and reassess, good luck getting back onto the Mat and performing well. Any world class athlete will tell you that rest time, is the most important time. It is the time your body adapts and changes. Ever have to charge your iPhone? How awesome does everything work when it is 100% charged, as opposed to 5% charged, when the brightness starts to dull and your data has to be turned off because it will use too much of the battery. Is that a good phone to use? You body works exactly the same!

3. The athlete’s performance defines them – This is the most important point to highlight. A very big symptom of burnout is when you begin to notice the athlete associating their self worth with whether they win or lose. Involving the ego does not do anyone any favours, and that includes your fellow teammates and competitors. The more the ego is tied to the win, the less genuine passion the athlete will have for the sport. This mindset sets the athlete up for ultimate failure and burnout.

Training comprises a large part of any sport, and yes professional athletes train a lot, but remember, they have schedules that cater to their training. Understanding how to create balance is key to longevity in any sport. Many children experience burnout around early to middle high school due to additional pressures, so it is important that these elements are taken into account if the athlete’s goal is to make it to the Olympics or even to keep enjoying the sport!


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